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Whispering Oaks

In keeping with the need to improve the lives of individuals who choose group home living, LIFE has adopted a local group home — Whispering Oaks — located in Davie, FL.

Whispering Oaks offers many special amenities and activities. It is situated in a park-like setting of 1.6 acres thus affording the residents a piece of nature’s tranquility just outside their doors. Each resident has his/her own bedroom. There is a large family room with video games, computers, a TV, a DVD player. Residents also have access to board games, puzzles and arts-n-crafts materials.

Together the staff and residents plan their outings.  They have taken trips to local attractions in Tampa, Orlando, Miami and West Palm Beach as well as excursions to Washington, D.C., and New York City.  Cruises to the Bahamas and Mexico have also been part of their activities.

When they are not engaged in their organized daily activities or working at their jobs, the residents also participate in many local community activities. For example, many are members of the local town gym and pool which they attend on a regular basis. Some are involved in the county’s Special Olympics program and others in volunteer opportunities.

Whispering Oaks has its own Medical Director who is on call 24 hours per day as well as a Nurse Practitioner who monitors medication administration.

LIFE has established a strong volunteer program to enrich the lives of the residents of Whispering Oaks. One such program is called “Amigos” which encourages community members to come and spend time with our residents. The other, our newest, is the “Awesome Gardener” program. This program maintains a vegetable garden through which the residents along with community members learn to reap the benefits of growing their own food.